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  • Carefree boat trip
  • Incl. Drinks and snacks


Snorkeling with Aqua Fun Bonaire

You can discover the most beautiful places on Bonaire during a snorkeling excursion. See the special underwater world like you’ve never seen it before. Stick your head in the water and look around you. You are surrounded by the most beautiful fish. The turtles in Bonaire also like to show themselves. Make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Aqua Fun Bonaire has a captain waiting for you who knows exactly where to snorkel for a breathtaking view. A private snorkeling trip should not be missing from your holiday on Bonaire! Book your snorkeling excursion now for the morning, afternoon or during the sunset. For a fantastic snorkeling trip you have to contact Aqua Fun Bonaire!


snorkeling bonaire with turtles

What is snorkeling?

When you go snorkelling, you swim or float in the water with diving goggles and snorkel. Your face is pointing downwards. This allows you to view everything that takes place underwater. You breathe through the snorkel. The snorkel protrudes above the surface of the water when swimming. Snorkeling is possible all over the world. All you need is water. Snorkeling is mainly done in shallow waters. In shallow waters you can see the most interesting things not far below the surface of the water. There is a lot of diversity in this. Both the flora and fauna under water differ from what you see on the mainland. In addition to fish, you will encounter coral, anemones or various shellfish. It’s a whole new experience. You do not need a diploma to go snorkeling. Anyone can do it. Our private guide is always available for help with snorkeling!

We offer a snorkeling excursion for small groups

Aqua Fun Bonaire focuses on small groups with the snorkeling excursion. This is perfect if you are with groups or family. We take a maximum of 10 people on board. This allows us to offer you a lot of personal attention and guidance. We want you to feel completely comfortable in the water. You enjoy Bonaire without the crowds around you. You are alone with your own company. Because we focus on small groups, we can tailor-make your snorkeling excursion. Our snorkelling trips are suitable for all ages. Aqua Fun Bonaire gives you a unique day on the water with quality, service and personal attention.

snorkeling from the vitamin sea

Snorkeling from the Vitamin Sea

Do you also want to snorkel with Aqua Fun Bonaire? We have a spacious speedboat ready for you to look for the best snorkeling locations. The name of our boat is the Vitamin Sea. It is a ten meters long and three meters wide specially made Open Fisherman. Our luxury speedboat has a lot of space. It also offers enough shade. The Vitamin Sea sails super fast thanks to the 2 times 200 hp engines. When we arrive on location, you will jump off our boat to view the vibrant underwater world of Bonaire with your snorkel set. 

Snorkeling with our private guide Helmer

You will always be accompanied by a skipper from Aqua Fun Bonaire when you go snorkeling. Our skipper’s name is Helmer. Helmer is more than just your skipper. He is also your private guide during the snorkeling excursion. He is happy to tell you more about the special underwater world and history of Bonaire. Together you will explore the shallow reefs of the island. Nothing is more relaxing on holiday than sailing with a personal captain. We let you enjoy carefree. We strive to get your snorkeling trip with us in your top 10 of best trips in Bonaire.

Do a two stop snorkel tour

Aqua Fun Bonaire offers you a two stop snorkel tour package. For this package you pay $65 per person. The two stop snorkel tour includes:

  • Two stops of at least one hour
  • Visit Klein Bonaire
  • Fishing card on board
  • Use of high quality material
  • Including cold drinks & snacks
  • Professional guide
  • Detailed briefing

snorkeling duo aqua fun bonaire

Let us take care your needs. After all, you are on vacation. Have you had enough of the water? We’ll make sure that in addition to snorkeling, you also have time to relax on our boat. Enjoy the wonderful sun in Bonaire with a snack and a drink. We’ll take care of your cruise down to the last detail. You will lack nothing on board with us. The only thing you have to do is fully enjoy snorkeling and all the beauty that the underwater world has to offer.

Most popular


    • your boat for 4 hours
    • Cruise wherever you want
    • 2 snorkeling stops possible
    • 2 dives possible
    • Small Bonaire
    • No Name beach
    • Cold drinks & snack on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $395 Per half day
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    • your boat for 2,5 hours
    • Cruise along the coast
    • Possibility to snorkel
    • Enjoy the sunset
    • Bottle of prosecco incl. to toast
    • Cold drinks & snacks on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $275 Per day part
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    • your boat for 6 hours
    • Everything half a day can do
    • 3 stops possible
    • Sunset in consultation
    • Washington Slagbaai possible ( $50)
    • Cold drinks & snack on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $90)
    • Lunch optional ( $17.50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $545 Per day
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Plan your snorkeling trip at Aqua Fun Bonaire now by contacting us

You should not leave the island of Bonaire without snorkeling. WhatsApp or call +599-785-8385 and we will look together with you at the possibilities for a snorkeling excursion from Aqua Fun Bonaire. To contact Aqua Fun Bonaire by email you should email info@AquaFunBonaire.com. We hope to see you soon to let you experience the real Bonaire!


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