• Private speedboat rental
  • Rent full or half day
  • Compose your own day spending
  • Carefree boat trip
  • Incl. Drinks and snacks


All the best spots for boat diving?

To view the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire you have to go boat diving. A diving excursion provides you with an unforgettable experience. There is so much to see underwater. With a diving trip from Aqua Fun Bonaire, Captain Helmer takes you to the most beautiful spots. In the meantime, he tells you everything about the history of the island of Bonaire and the special underwater world that you will find here. Helmer then helps you to take a look for yourself. He is an experienced dive guide and knows exactly where to go for the best view. Contact Aqua Fun Bonaire today for our diving excursion!


Diving Bonaire Boatdiving with family

Discover Bonaire away from the crowd

Sea diving at Aqua Fun Bonaire is always done in small groups. The maximum number of people is zeven. This gives you a lot of personal guidance and attention. Captain and dive guide Helmer wants to ensure that you feel comfortable while diving through personal guidance. He shows you the most beautiful sights on Bonaire, away from the crowd. Because he has lived on Bonaire for years, he knows exactly where to go for a unique experience. Aqua Fun Bonaire has arranged everything for you. All you have to do is fully enjoy the underwater world while diving.

Aqua Fun Bonaire is a small organization and can therefore put together a tailor-made trip for you. We will make boat diving a great adventure together with you.

Unique options for a diving excursion

Aqua Fun Bonaire has various options for boat diving. All our options include a private guide. Possible options are:

Boatdive with 2 tanks (2 tank boatdive)

Are you going for a 2 tank boat dive? Everything is ready for you when you arrive on our boat. Your adventure can start right away! Once you are installed, Captain Helmer will take you to the first dive site. As an experienced guide, he will help you with your material. Then you go into the water and Helmer shows you the beautiful life underwater. When you’re done, you swim back to the surface. We lift your diving equipment onto the boat, so that you can get out of the water without any effort. When you’re ready, Daniel sails on to dive site two. In the meantime you can enjoy a snack and a nice cold drink. A 2 tank boat dive takes approximately 4 hours. It is possible to discuss times. Times are based on availability.

2 tank diving bonaire

Night dive: discover Bonaire after dark

Want to see what the underwater world looks like at night? Take a night dive to see Bonaire’s underwater world at night. A night dive is possible from the boat or the shore. You encounter completely different creatures in the water at night than when you go diving during the day. This makes for a very special experience. There are also fish in the water that know how to use your light to hunt. Our dive guide Helmer stays close to you to make sure you don’t get lost. He helps you all the time during the night dive to make you feel comfortable in the water.

night dive bonaire night diving

Ostracods night dive

An Ostracods night dive is a magical phenomenon that you do not want to miss. Every month, 5 days after the full moon in Bonaire, something magical takes place after the sun has set. This happens thanks to the Ostracods. The Ostracods is a type of mussel crayfish. He has two substances in his body that he can spray out. This gives off light when it mixes with seawater and the oxygen in the water. The male Ostracods swim at lightning speed, but suddenly stop to excrete the dust. This attracts the females. When you do an Ostracods night dive, you are surrounded by thousands of tiny lights in the dark water. An Ostracods night dive can also be done from the boat or from the shore. This depends on your preference and the number of divers. Daniel is happy to take you on this fantastic diving excursion. It will be a diving excursion that you will not soon forget.

ostrapods diving night dive bonaire

Aqua Fun Bonaire for an unforgettable diving excursion

We want to make your vacation a wonderful experience. We do this, among other things, by offering sea diving. It is our vision to ensure that our dive trip is in your top ten on Bonaire.

  • Private speedboat
  • Visit reefs only accessible by boat
  • Explore the underwater world
  • High quality service
  • Professional guide
  • Detailed brief
  • Tailored to your needs


Most popular


    • your boat for 4 hours
    • Cruise wherever you want
    • 2 snorkeling stops possible
    • 2 dives possible
    • Small Bonaire
    • No Name beach
    • Cold drinks & snack on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $395 Per half day
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    • your boat for 2,5 hours
    • Cruise along the coast
    • Possibility to snorkel
    • Enjoy the sunset
    • Bottle of prosecco incl. to toast
    • Cold drinks & snacks on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $275 Per day part
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    • your boat for 6 hours
    • Everything half a day can do
    • 3 stops possible
    • Sunset in consultation
    • Washington Slagbaai possible ( $50)
    • Cold drinks & snack on board
    • Captain & fuel
    • snorkel gear
    • Extra crew/guide optional ( $90)
    • Lunch optional ( $17.50)
    • Special wishes negotiable
    $545 Per day
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Contact us to plan your diving trip

We are happy to put together your diving trip together with you. Together we look at the possibilities. Call or WhatsApp us at +599-785-8385. It is also possible to email info@AquaFunBonaire.com. We hope to welcome you soon. Aqua Fun Bonaire lets you experience the real Bonaire. Boat diving on Bonaire including private guide starts at Aqua Fun!

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