Bonaire diving with a private guide starts at Aqua Fun!

Bonaire – or in other words: “Divers Paradise” – actually says it already. Bonaire is known for its beautiful reefs and vibrant underwater world. Bonaire offers unique conditions for diving; a calm sea and easy access around the island. Do you want to dive on Bonaire from a boat? Or would you prefer a night dive from the shore? At Aqua Fun Bonaire every diving wish can be fulfilled!

Bonaire diving options

Diving on Bonaire is the most comfortable from a boat. At Aqua Fun Bonaire we have various options, always including your experienced guide Daniël and in small groups of max 6 persons. Far away from the crowd and with an eye for quality, service and personal attention. Daniël is happy to take you to the most beautiful places in Bonaire. In the meantime, he tells about the special underwater world and history of the island. Are you coming with a large group or do you have special wishes? Then contact us and we will look into the possibilities!

Please note: a Stinapa Nature Fee is required and not included in this price. You can buy your fee at most hotels or dive shops for $45,- (cash only) or online via

2 tank boat dive

During a 2-tank boat dive on Bonaire, everything is ready for your dive adventure upon arrival. After you are installed, we will leave for the first dive spot. Daniël helps you with your material and shows you the most beautiful things underwater. Back at the surface, your dive equipment is lifted onto the boat, so that you can get out of the water in a relaxed manner. Then enjoy a fresh drink and snack, while your captain sails quietly to the second dive location. This trip takes approximately 4 hours. Times are in consultation and based on availability.

2 tank boat dive

$ 90,00 p.p.

$ 90 p.p. including guide, snack, drink and 2 tanks.
Excluding dive gear; $13 per item or $42 Full set


Do you ever want to see what the underwater world of Bonaire looks like at night? You can! We would gladly take you for a night dive from the boat or the shore. A very special experience where you will encounter very different creatures than during the day. There will also be fish that use your light to hunt. Dive guide Daniël is always around to ensure that you feel comfortable and not lost.

Shore nightdive

$ 55,00 p.p.

Including guide, snack, drink and tank.
Excluding dive gear; $13 per item or $42 Full set, Torch $10


Every month 5 days after the full moon, 45 minutes after the sun sets, something magical takes place on Bonaire! It is called Ostracods, a kind of mussel crab with two substances in its body that can spray out. If this mixes with seawater and a little oxygen that is present in the water, it gives light. The males swim extremely fast and then suddenly stop to excrete these substances. They do this to lure the females.

As a diver, this is fantastic to see! Imagine that you are underwater in the dark and surrounded by thousands of small lights. It is like fireflies, but then under water. Magic! Do you want to witness this phenomenon? We would gladly take you on a Bonaire excursion that you will not forget! Depending on your preference or the number of divers, we go either from the shore or from the boat.

Shore Nightdive

$ 55,00 p.p.

Including guide, snack, drink and tank.
Excluding dive gear; $13 per item or $42 Full set, Torch $10

Diving from shore with a guide

If you like to dive with a guide from shore, we can help you as well. Depending on availability and the request. Please contact us and we will try to make your diving trip possible.

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